Grey-faced Petrel Project

For the past 20 years we have been working to provide a safe-home for the 200 breeding pairs of Grey-Faced Petrels on the cliffs of Mount Maunganui.

Volunteers & contractors regularly trap pests around the area to ensure the fledgling get off to a good start.

Since trapping commenced, the rate of chicks successfully fledging has increased dramatically – without these efforts most chicks would fall prey stoats, cats and dogs.

Grey-faced petrels produce one chick a year and both parents work to incubate the egg. However, once the egg has hatched they’ll leave the chick to find food – feeding them every 7 days with a regurgitated fish smoothie.

These sea-birds are equipped with sharp beaks, a powerful jaw and sharp claws, so they are well-placed to fend off predators however when left alone the chicks are particularly vulnerable to predation.

As well as conducting pest-control, we also run educational tours for school/community groups which allows them to get up close and personal with this endemic wild bird.

How you can help

Contact Paul Cuming ( if you wish to volunteer for this project. Field work is generally carried out between April/May, July/August and December/January.