Eastern Bay of Plenty

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About Us

Branch members are involved in a range of projects on wetlands, coastal and forest ecosystems and actively advocate for the protection of special places. The main projects are shorebird protection, restoration of the Whakatane River Estuary, Waiewe Stream and Lake Tamerunui, and cat control in some key forests.


Branch Activities

The Branch runs a native plant nursery and holds two sales each year in autumn and spring, which helps fund branch activities. The Branch undertakes many activities to restore the environment to its natural state. Shorebird and coastal protection have always been important in this branch. Every year volunteers undertake pest control and monitoring to protect the threatened NZ dotterel and other shorebirds and make sure they can safely breed and increase their populations.


Branch Issues 

There are many conservation issues for our branch. Protecting shorebird nesting sites requires advocacy to the councils to enforce bylaws and education and include provisions in regional and district plans.

A lot of work is done under the RMA making submissions on resource consents to ensure the best possible conditions to avoid, remedy or mitigate adverse effects on the environment. 


Get Involved

Members can get involved in a wide variety of activities from physical activities such as pest control, weed-busting, bird monitoring, tree planting, to keeping records, writing stories about activities, holding stalls, making submissions and organizing speakers, meetings and events such as art auctions.