About Us

The Horowhenua Branch encompasses the area between Foxton and Otaki.

We currently have around 150 members.

To find out more about the Horowhenua branch please contact our secretary Joan Leckie on:

(06)368 1277

Get Involved

We hold monthly branch meetings, which are open to the public.

These are held on the third Monday of the month at 7.00pm at Thompson House Kent St Levin. Meetings start with a cuppa and actual meeting starts at 7.30pm. 


Current Projects

Swans at Te Hakere wetland. Photo: Geoff MonkTe Hakere Wetland

We are working in collaboration with local iwi at Te Hakari Wetland, which is being restored as a conservation area to improve the quality of its surrounding waterways.


Kuku Estuary

We also do monthly surveys at the mouth of Kuku Estuary, monitoring bird species such as godwits, terns, black swans, finches, gulls and dotterel.


Booth’s Wetland

The third area in which we do monthly bird counts is Booth’s Wetland, a privately owned area between Highway One and the railway line.




Current Issues

The Manawatu River is highly polluted.

This is largely due to run-off from surrounding dairy farms, but towns on the river’s edge also contribute to this pollution with untreated sewage and industrial waste.

The Horowhenua branch has joined the Manawatu River Leaders Accord, a forum which aims to promote awareness of the rivers significance, restore it to a state of health and ensure the water and surrounding land is used sustainably.