Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt Branch continues an active conservation history in the Hutt Valley and environs, including Matiu/Somes Island, Pauatahanui wetland, Manor Park Restoration area, Waiu wetland, and others.  Another event is our annual plant sale.

The Branch meets every first Thursday each month (except January) at 7:30pm at the Hutt Valley Tramping Club, Birch Street, Waterloo.

Beginning in 1981, the Lower Hutt Branch initiated a grand task to revegetate Matiu/Somes with a native cloak.  Around 130,000 natives were propogated in three nurseries on the Island, and planted.  So successful was the project the Island has been designated a Scientific Reserve.  New speices have been re-introduced, including tuatara,  kakariki, toutouwai (NI robbin), giant weta, skinks and geckos.

New opportunities to grow podocarp forests on a flat valley floor is rare but that is what we can do.  The Manor Park Restoration and the Waiu wetland are two projects we have pioneered.

Manor Park Restoration project is on vacant land at the north end of Manor Park Golf Course, south of the rail bridge over the Hutt River, and includes KiwiRail land between the road and rail bridges.  Large patches of weeds have been removed and major plantings implimented.  There is a potential to create a mini wetland on the site.

Waiu wetland  would have been cloaked in podocarps, but was drained for dairy farming.  By damming drains, eradicating weeds and planting native species, a significant wetland is a real prospect.

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Eco-corridor Project

Our ecological corridor project is our grand conservation plan for the Wellington region. We are connecting the dots of native bush as well as the regional parks to create ecological corridors for native birds and creatures. One will be close to where you live.

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Ecological Treasures 

Lower Hutt F&B has eight areas which it considers to be its ecological treasures. They are six forest areas, one wetland area, and Matiu/Somes Island.

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Restoration Projects 

We remove weeds and grow eco-sourced plants and revegetate selected public areas. You are welcome to come along and take part in these restoration projects.

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Giving nature a voice

Fish Ropes Korokoro Stream

Lower Hutt F&B has a history of giving nature a voice by initiating and campaigning for the protection of land that has natural values worthy of protection.

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Associated Projects 

Lower Hutt F&B has had a significant involvement in three very large projects, the makeover of Pauatahanui Wildlife Reserve, Matiu/Somes island restoration and revegetation of the Pencarrow Lakes. 

Fish-climbing ropes

Fish-climbing ropes have been installed in Korokoro Stream. The ropes will enable native fish to overcome the lower and upper dams, and make the stream more habitable for them.