Fensham Reserve Restoration

We have been working at Fensham Reserve, a 48ha reserve 3kms west of Carterton, since 1978.

Tui, photo courtesy of DOC

Tui, photo courtesy of DOC

Every Tuesday a group of volunteers work doing weed and pest control (trapping), planting natives, and maintaining walking tracks.

The reserve contains a remnant kahikatea swamp forest, as well as populations of kanuka, matai and titoki. The swampland within the reserve is home to a population of nationally vunerable mudfish that is monitored by our branch members.  

It seems our pest control efforts have paid off, as no one has seen a rat or possum for years! We work with the Wellington Regional Council to monitor rodents and the majority of pests caught are ferrets and hedgehogs.

Branch members also do quarterly bird counts, monitoring NZ kingfisher, tui, NZ pigeon, morepork, North Island fantail, grey warbler and wax-eye.