Support our fight against climate disruption

people holding signs at climate march in Auckland


Together, we can defend nature against climate disruption and protect our precious natural world.

Climate disruption is the most extreme environmental danger of our age. It’s not the future, it is happening right now, in the place we call home.

New Zealand can be a world leader in its response to climate disruption and conservationists like you can lead the way, but right now we are one of the world’s worst per capita offenders when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.

If we carry on like this, within 10 years the average Kiwi will produce more greenhouse gasses than the average American.

Please give generously to our appeal to protect our country from destructive climate change.

With your help we can take the lead to develop solutions that strengthen the natural world’s defence against climate disruption.

What about Forest & Bird?

With your support Forest & Bird will make sure tackling climate disruption is a priority for all New Zealanders.

We will lobby government for better climate change targets and an effective plan to achieve them.

By 2040 we want New Zealand to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 70% or more from the 1990 baseline, to be carbon neutral, and to have measures in place that increase biodiversity resilience and ensure against climate disruption.



As temperatures rise, our amazing tuatara will feel the heat - with warmer weather, more male tuatara will be born with the disastrous effect of unbalancing an already vulnerable natural population.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather is costing millions of dollars in damages and destroying lives now. Nature is suffering too. Droughts kill trees and fires destroy native forests. Few of us will forget the tragic images of floods in Whanganui that destroyed homes and livelihoods.