TALKS:  Please note: Unless otherwise stated talks are held on the second Wednesday of each month except for December and January.   The venue is Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai Street, Tahunanui. All talks start at 7:30pm.  Contributions for the sales table are most welcome. Gold coin donation please towards hall hire and supper. Car pool to minimise global footprint.

WALKS:  Please wear appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear and gear to cope with weather changes, take sun block, lunch, drinks and snacks.  Contact the Trip Leader for more information.  

For queries on any part of the programme contact or phone 5450989 


Saturday 3 March   Sea Week - KCC

Contact Sally Leggett

Wednesday 14 March Evening Talk by Leigh Marshall about Nelson Nature

Leigh Marshall, Environmental Programmes Advisor for Nelson City Council, will give a presentation on Nelson Nature.   Nelson Nature is a 10 year programme funded by Nelson City Council to protect and improve biodiversity values in the Nelson region.  Nelson Nature works closely with other agencies and the community to protect and enhance key ecosystems including Dun Mountain, urban and rural waterways, coastal habitats and Significant Natural Areas that occur on private land.   Nelson Nature is also working closely with the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary and community groups to develop wider predator control for wildlife recovery outside of the Brook Sanctuary.   The Nelson Branch of Forest and Bird is an important partner with many projects that fall under Nelson Nature’s umbrella, including the Dun Mountain restoration project and coastal restoration projects.

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 March Weekend Camp at Mangarakau Swamp Lodge

Mangarakau Swamp Lodge, North-west boundary Kahurangi N.P.   There is some fire wood that needs to moved and bat detectors to set out. Contact Julie


Wednesday 11 April   Evening Talk by Jane Gosden about Subantartic Plants & Wildlife

Jane has visited the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands twice and spent three and a half months living on the Australian Subantarctic Macquarie Island.  Come along and hear about traveling South, living in the Subantarctics and of course the unique flora and fauna found on these cold, windswept islands.  There will be many pictures of plants, seals and penguins.


Wednesday 9 May   Evening Talk by Stuart Hanchet about Ross Sea Toothfish Fishery

The Ross Sea Toothfish Fishery - balancing conservation with rational use.   Stuart Hanchet, Programme Leader International Fisheries, NIWA


Wednesday 13 June   Evening Talk by Beth Endres about Ranger Trainee Course

Ranger Trainee Course.   Beth Endres.  Tutor in charge of Trainee ranger course at NMIT.