Lake Moana-Nui

In 1975, a dam was built in the Matarawa stream to create an artificial recreational lake called Moana-Nui in Tokoroa.

Here, birds like the black scaup, teal, spoonbill, paradise duck, pukeko  black shag, pied shag, little shag, black stilt, spurwing plover, Australian coot, grey heron, tui and many others can be seen. Around the lake, kowhai, rimu, totara,  beeches, grasses and flaxes are being planted and a walking track is maintained. The walk takes about 30 minutes.   

Forest & Bird registered Moana-Nui as a wetland in 2009 and since then work has been done with help of the community to remove weeds such as willows and blackberries. Siltation is being caused by sand and pumice that come down the stream, creating small islands and blocking the water flow, posing a threat to the fish such as trout and eels. A special committee will be established this year to work on the issue. The main proposal so far is to put in Gabion baskets, which consist of rocks and filter fabric in wire baskets.

If you would like to help out in this area, please contact:

Anne & Jack Groos
Address: 37 Waianiwa Place Tokoroa 3420
Phone: 07 8867456