North Canterbury

Lewis Tops © Mark Bridgwater

As one of the largest branches in New Zealand, the North Canterbury branch covers Canterbury north of the Rakaia River up into the heart of the Lewis Pass, from the sea to the Alps.

We organise field trips to places of interest around the region. We have working bees at our projects Calder Green Reserve (on the lower Heathcote) and Mahoe-nui Bush (behind Sumner), The Sanctuary (on the side of the Waimakariri at the edge of Christchurch) and Middelmost Mudfish Restoration Project (near Oxford). Volunteers go to Boyle Base (in the Lewis Pass) to work on our trapping programme and to do other work in the area. We have an area in the Craigieburn which we clear wilding pines from and from 2018, we are working on Russell Lupin control in the Upper Waimakariri/Arthurs Pass area.

We have an active Kiwi Conservation Club for children who go on some fantastic field trips all over the region.

What We Do

Public Meetings

Come along to our public meetings at the WEA in Christchurch, on the second Tuesday of every second month at 7.30pm. Guest speakers at our talks discuss various environmental topics and issues.

Field Trips and Volunteer Opportunities

We run field trips throughout Canterbury and even further afield. We also have volunteer working bees at all of our projects.

Stocker Scholarship

This grant offers research support for post-graduate students at the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University undertaking conservation or environmental related projects in Canterbury.

For a summary of what we did in the 2016 - 2017, read our Annual Report and the reports for the Middelmost and 'Sanctuary' projects.


We often write submissions and campaign on important issues and have representatives on a number of boards and committees.

Our Projects

Boyle Base Stoat Trapping & Monitoring

We trap and monitor pests around Boyle Base Hut in Lewis Pass to protect local bird populations.

Calder Green Reserve

We're maintaining this 'open sanctuary' to protect and enhance the indigenous flora and fauna of the area.

Mahoe-nui Bush Restoration Project

We plant trees, trap pests, and help to regenerate this patch of remnant forest above the Port Hills.

Middelmost Mudfish Habit

In partnership with Working Waters Trust and the land owner, we provide habitat for the 'nationally endangered' Canterbury Mudfish. 

The Sanctuary

This braided river project is on the Waimakariri and is a partnership project with the Parks and Reserves team of Environment Canterbury, in particular with Greg Stanley, who has been doing wonderful work in the area.

Rhodes Reserve

Gifted to Forest & Bird in 1966 by Mrs. Sophia Rhodes, this reserve is situated in the heart of Governor's Bay.  



There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with our branch as a volunteer. 

We are always looking for help with our major projects, meetings, newsletter, fundraising, and outreach to the community.

You could help our branch by:

  • Joining our Committee
  • Attending our public meetings
  • Contributing to the branch newsletter
  • Participating in scheduled planting and plant maintenance days
  • Supporting pest control and weed eradication projects
  • Making a donation to Forest & Bird’s North Canterbury Branch
  • Helping with submissions, funding applications and monitoring
  • And much more!

Read more about how to get involved.

The Latest

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Calendars & Diaries

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