Accord aims to improve Taranaki’s biodiversity

16 Jul 2012

 Forest & Bird has signed up to an accord that aims to halt biodiversity loss, bolster habitat enhancement and the return locally extinct natives such as kokako back to the Taranaki region. 

The accord involves 13 agencies including DOC, Fish and Game, Federated Farmers, regional council and several trusts. 

Taranaki has 70 native animal species and 99 native plant species that are identified as

threatened, at risk, or regionally distinctive.  Some, such as the Maui’s dolphin and kokako, are currently close to local extinction. 

The accord has set out numerous goals to strengthen existing programmes and add new programmes, such as enhancing aversion dog training to help kiwi and blue penguin populations.  

The accord will be reviewed on a yearly basis, and stakeholders will meet regularly to ensure the goals of the accord are being achieved. 

“Taranaki has a wide array of creatures living here – we’ve got our own giant carnivorous snail, a local moth species and one of world’s rarest dolphins living off our coast. Protecting these creatures and their habitats is crucial,” says Taranaki Branch Chair and signee, Carolyn Brough. 

The accord will be officially launched on July 27th.