KCC Gathering: getting wild in Dunedin

05 Apr 2013

As Society Deputy President Mark Hanger points out in his Nature In Action column this month, KCC has for too long “flown under the radar” of the Society.

Kiwi Conservation Club co-ordinators.

Kiwi Conservation Club co-ordinators.

KCC co-ordinators (KCOs) often work in isolation and the annual KCO gathering is a rare opportunity to bounce ideas, solve problems and connect with others who are only an email or phone call away.

Twenty-nine KCOs converged in Dunedin for the weekend gathering in March. The jam-packed programme included a wildlife cruise in Dunedin harbour where we were lucky to get up close views of five species of albatrosses, plus petrels, shags, fur seals and royal spoonbills.

In true Forest & Bird fashion, there were plenty of nature-based activities: glow worm hunting, bush walks and surveying the treasure trove of wildlife hidden in our rocky shores. (see the next Forest & Bird magazine for more).

The weekend was more than a fun-filled getaway. KCOs filed away ideas to take back to their clubs and later commented on the “hands-on experience” and “coming away with [a]new understanding and knowledge”.

KCOs are already doing a stellar job educating the next generation of caring New Zealanders. But by opening up the lines of communication with each other, with branches and with head office, we’ll be able to better realise KCC’s potential.